Our Aircraft

Our aircraft is a Piper PA46 Malibu, which we bought in 1996 (Mod 88)
In 2000 we had it converted to a JetProp DLX with a 
Pratt & Whitney PT6-34 turbine,one of the most reliable
and safest turbines in the world.

Some data:
6 seats, max speed 260 kts (460 km/h)
max. cruising level: FL270 (8300 m)
max range: 1100 NM (2000 km)
This maximum range would be sufficient for a trip around the world,
however it does not provide us with enough reserves!
Therefore we have had an additional fuel tank installed, 
which boost our maximum range to 1500 NM (2700 km).
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If you like to learn more about the JetProp DLX , 
check the JetProp website at: