We fly around the world


This private website informs you about our long flight around the globe. This journey was a great adventure and gave us a close look at the diversity of the planet we live on.

Our visits to many Rotary Clubs in different countries was our special mission .This really showed us the grandness of Rotary International. We would like to thank all Rotarians  for their great hospitality, friendship and support.

Our website was an invitation to all friends, relatives and other interested people to follow our journey on the internet. We are more than happy about over 9000 visitors on our site and around 300 messages via satellite phone! Many thanks to all of You! Matthias, being in charge of the “reporter”, was always sure that the great effort he put into the reports and photo galleries would pay off.

The biggest expression of thanks goes to our wonderful aircraft. It has flown us through the whole world safely and without any technical problems! Even as a technical oriented person you develop human feelings for such a machine.

The most important experience ? The world is smaller than you think and we all live together very closely. Threats and challenges, other opinions and beliefs, poorness and hunger, wealth and dissipation - all is very near, directly in front of our door. When will all of us understand that we do not live on an isolated happy island?